Flight school in Riga
Training for private and commercial pilots license additional flight training and hour building.

EASA PPL in less then 6 months
  • – EASA PPL in less then 6 months
  • – 45 Flight hours
  • – Visa support for non-EU citizens

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AirTraining European Flight School

AirTraining Flight School positions itself as a leader in the field of flight education in Latvia

  • – It is a training organization certified by the Civil Aviation Agency of Latvia and has been operating for more than 10 years
  • – AirTraining has over 140 graduated pilots who build a successful career in Europe and abroad;
  • – All courses are conducted by experienced instructors in Russian and English;
  • – At AirTraining the theoretical training can be done individually, as a group course and by distance learning.
  • Approved Training Organisation Certificate
Why Choose AirTraining for your pilot training
    For you it is a brilliant opportunity to change your life, get rid of the routine, to find new and incomparable sensations that only flying can give you.
    Flight instructors at AirTrainin are experienced pilots currently working in the main European commercial airlines, each of which has over 10 000 flight hours.
    We provide high-quality and easy learning theoretical training based on different materials and highly experienced teaching staff.
    Our fleet is composed of new aircrafts Cessna 172S YL-ESB , Cessna 172S YL-YAK , PIPER Seneca PA-34-200. They are distinguished by high reliability, easy operation and are ideal for all phases of your training.
    At the end of the course you will become the holder of the European private pilot license EASA Part-FCL PPL (A), which allows you to carry out private flights all over the world.
    Airworthiness of our aircrafts is provided and closely followed by the technical staff certified in accordance with Part 145 EASA and controlled by CAMO.
Private pilot license

If you want to become a private pilot, commercial pilot or just learn to fly?
The most modern in Latvia, certified air school "AirTraining" gives you the opportunity to realize your dream!

We suggest that you start our course to obtain a private pilot license - PPL (A).

The EASA Part-FCL PPL (A) license is your starting point of your great experience in aviation!

Training on board the new aircraft Cessna 172S
  • 45
    45 flight hours
  • 153
    153 hours of theory
  • 6
    about 6 months of study
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Commercial pilot license

The training program to obtain the commercial pilots license – is created for future professionals of aviation!

Upon completion of all the theoretical and practical part of the training, the candidate will receive a commercial pilot license (CPL - together with the ATPL theory). This license gives the opportunity to work as a co-pilot, on multi-pilot aircraft, as well as to act as commander of an aircraft on single-pilot aircraft. After the accumulation of at least 1500 flight hours, the pilot can become a commander of a crew consisting of two or more people.

EASA CPL (A) + ATPL (frozen) – will give you the prestigious profession of commercial pilot, in demand worldwide!

Become a commercial pilot in just 2 years!
  • 200
    200 flight hours
  • 750
    750 hours of theory
  • 2
    Less than 2 years of study
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AirTraining flight school in Riga is your best choice!
  • EASA flight License
    You get a European flight license, which is recognized all over the world
  • Training and support in English
    Our ground instructors as well as the flight instructors will be there to teach you and guide you during your training.
  • Certification
    Our school has been operating since 2006 and fulfills all the necessary requirements imposed by the Latvian CAA in agreement to EASA regulation
  • Convenient location
    Riga international airport is connected via direct flights to the major European cities
  • Lower life cost
    Prices for accommodation, meals and other costs in Latvia, on average, are lower by 30% than in other EU countries
  • Visa support for students
    We provide visa support to our students to improve the timing in obtaining a Schengen visa
Flight instructors of our school
  • Ojars Ganinsh
    Chief Instructor Pilot.
    Experience over 20,000 hours.
  • Alexander Semenchev
    Pilot instructor.
    Experience over 15,000 hours.
  • Andrew Bryzgalin
    Pilot instructor.
    Experience over 12,000 hours.
On what does the cost of flight training depend on?
  • 1
    on the chosen training program
  • 2
    On the amount of need flight hours to complete a program
  • 3
    On the duration of your stay in Latvia
  • 4
    On the requirement to extend flight training
  • 5
    On the type of selected ground training (distance learning or not)
  • 6
    On whether the course against aerophobia was completed before training
What our students say about us

AirTraining помогает мне осуществить мою мечту, при этом, позволяет заниматься в удобном для меня режиме и графике. Если у меня нет возможности пообщаться с преподавателем лично - я всегда могу задать вопрос по телефону или через Skype.

Также очень удобно планировать свои практические занятия через Google Calendar. Очень радует высокий профессионализм преподавательского состава, как теоретического так и практического. В школе всегда дружелюбная обстановка и позитивно настроенные люди, что всегда хорошо располагает к обучению.

Для меня также очень удобно расположение школы - на территории аэродрома Спилве, который находится непосредственно в Риге и всего лишь в 10 минутах езды от международного аэропорта Рига.

Дмитрий Анохин

Пару лет назад обратился в данную школу с необходимостью получения лицензии частного пилота.

Рассмотрел множество разных школ в Европе, но выбор все равно пал на AirTraining в Риге. Но не только из-за стоимости, которая безусловно ниже чем Германии или Австрии. В Латвии в принципе все дешевле и понятнее.

Остался очень доволен! Личный подход к каждому студенту. Сейчас продолжаю набирать свободный налёт именно в ней. Цена соответствует качеству преподавания и обучению на новых самолётах.

Роман Родин

Если вы живете в Москве, то Рига - оптимальное место для получения Европейской PPL. Из Москвы летает не менее 8 рейсов в день и это дает возможность посещать школу в любое удобное время для консультаций, брашапов и сдачи экзаменов.

Из нескольких Рижских школ выбор пал на AirTraining по двум причинам:
1) Полеты выполняются исключительно на самолетах Cessna (а не на раскладушках Tecnam);
2) Удобство и гибкий подход.

Я звонил в две школы, однако в одной мне сказали приехать строго к 9 утра, тогда как в AirTraining готовы были принять и в 7 вечера. Теорию изучал в основном дома, однако в любое время мог приехать и получить консультацию у преподавателей школы. Летную подготовку проходил с лучшими (на мой взгляд) инструкторами Прибалтики, пилотами гражданской авиации. Школа также взяла на себя оформление и подачу всех документов для получения лицензии.

Иван (г. Москва)
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If you are still not sure of your choice - just contact us in the way that is convenient for you:

Private Pilot License EASA PPL (A)


The private pilot license is the basis, the first stage on your way to large aviation and at the same time - the right to operate a single-engine airplane weighing up to 5,700 kg., In accordance with the rules of visual flight (Visual Flight Rules).

A private pilot can carry passengers, provided that he does it for free (not commercial activities). However, it is not forbidden to share with the passengers the flight costs (fuel costs, maintenance of the aircraft).

Only if you have a private pilot license, you will have the right to continue training in more specialized programs, to obtain licenses for subsequent levels - commercial pilot, ATPL, Flight instructor


Conditions of admission:


Theoretical training:


After passing the theoretical course, it is necessary to pass examinations in all disciplines at the Civil Aviation Agency of Latvia with a score of at least 75%. The exam for each subject includes 10 to 16 questions. In total, there are 120 questions on 9 subjects.


Practical flights

Private Pilot License & ndash; PPL

Duration / Hours


With instructor


Basic maneuvers, takeoffs / landings, failures, etc.

20 h

5 h

Navigation route flights

10 h

5 h

Instrumental flights

5 h


TOTAL - 45 h

35 h

10 h


The cost of the course includes the following:

Commercial pilot license CPL (A) + ATPL (frozen)


The training program for commercial pilots. Upon completion of all the theoretical and practical phases of the training, the candidate will receive a commercial pilot license (CPL - commercial pilot license together with the ATPL theory). This license gives you the opportunity to work as a co-pilot, on commercial aircraft, as well as to serve as commander of a single-engine aircraft. After 1500 flight hours, the pilot can become a captain of a crew consisting of two or more people.

Conditions of admission:

  • Age -18 and older;
  • Education - secondary and higher;
  • Knowledge of English not lower than ICAO LEVEL 4;
  • Medical certificate of 1st class, according to the requirements of EASA Part-MED.

Theoretical training consists of 14 subjects of the ATPL level:

  • Air law and ATC procedures;
  • Airframes & systems, electrics, power plant, emergency equipment;
  • Instrumentation;
  • Mass and balance;
  • Performance;
  • Flight planning & monitoring;
  • Human performance & limitations;
  • Meteorology;
  • General navigation;
  • Radio navigation;
  • Operational procedures;
  • Principles of flight;
  • VRF Communications;
  • IFR Communications.

Stages of training 
1. Private pilot license PPL (A);
2. Night NVFR rating, starting to study the ATPL theory;
3. Hour building;
4. Instrument rating;
5. CPL / IR rating exam;
6. MEP;
7. MEP (IR) upgrade your MEP to flight multi engine in IFR conditions.

At the end of the training, the candidate will have a minimum of 200 hours of total flying time

The qualification of instrument flight and multi-engine rating is carried out jointly with our partners in Lithuania.
We do not limit you in choosing a school for the theory of ATPL: you can choose any other school, at your discretion. For example, some students want to undergo theoretical training at the Oxford Aviation Academy. But at the same time it is necessary to count on a higher cost of the theoretical part of the training.

The duration of the program will be from 12 to 36months depending on your personal commitment and personal schedule

The cost of the course includes the following:

  • Theoretical course and teaching materials;
  • Access to the EASA / JAA online database of the ATPL program;
  • Consultations on ATPL with the teacher in Russian, Latvian and English;
  • Individual lessons with the flight instructor before and after the flight;
  • Flight hours on our airplanes (including fuel, maintenance, insurance).

The course will be available from the second half of 2016

Do you have any questions about the training? Write to us!