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Airtraining flight school. ​Soar to new heights and become a pilot today!

Soar to new heights and become a pilot today!

Flight training

Well, now is the time to make that dream a reality!


Whether you're looking to pursue a career as a commercial pilot or just want to fly for fun, a training program is tailored to meet your needs. Our flexible scheduling options make it easy to fit flight training into your busy life.


We will guide you every step of the way, from your first lesson to your solo flight and beyond, helping you master the ins and outs of aviation, gain confidence in your skills, and feel the thrill of taking to the skies.


Don't let your dreams stay grounded any longer. Take off with us and make your dream a reality today!

​Flight training


NR (A)

IR (A)

FI (A)

CPL / Frozen ATPL (A)

Have you ever dreamed of piloting an airplane?

Imagine the freedom of taking off and landing in new destinations, the thrill of being in control of the aircraft, the satisfaction of mastering complex maneuvers, and the excitement of flying solo for the first time. 

Airtraining flight school




​EASA Approved Training

We have highly experienced Flight instructors, each with over 10 000 flight hours.

Most of our students become airline Captains

​We focus on safety and professionalism

Highest Standards in Training

​We have highly experienced Flight instructors, each with over 10 000 flight hours.
​Most of our students become airline Captains


As aviation specialists, we have trained hundreds of pilots in the past 17 years, which are presently flying in several airlines around Europe and Asia. 

Most of our students fly as airline Captains.


Average Exam pass rate

​From zero experience to Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(A) / ATPL (Frozen)


Course Breakdown and Price

*For the issue of a CPL(A) license, the applicant has to have collected at least 200 hours of flight time

EUR 55, 000

From zero experience to Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(A) / ATPL (Frozen)

CPL / ATPL (Frozen)*




Flight hours building 

Instrument Rating (IR) 

MEP rating (ME) 

Commercial Pilot (CPL) 

Private Pilot (PPL) A

Night rating (NR)

C172 G1000



  • The applicants must be at least 15 Years of age or above.


    1. You have to have extreme willpower and be highly determined to become a pilot.

    2. Satisfactory health to get an aviation medical certificate.

    3. Excellent learning agility.

    4. Have financial support to pay for chosen training programs.

    If you possess all these criteria, welcome to AirTraining flight school to become a professional pilot. 



  • Add a Title

    • The duration of the training depends on the student’s availability, approach to the study, and weather conditions.

    • The theoretical part of the training can be completed remotely, and start flight training at one of our bases once the student can.

    • The Private Pilot License can be completed in as little time as 3 -6 months.

    • The Commercial Pilot License can be completed within 18 months.


    Yes, you can. Please follow this link for International students to see what is needed to apply. 


    All training programs are flexible and tailored to every student's needs. You can start training as long as you complete the application process, sign a contract, and make the first payment according to the agreed payment plan. 

  • We can assure you, you don't have to be afraid of this question.  If you are allowed to drive a car, you will be allowed to fly an aircraft.

    But for more detailed information and health requirements, please see the given link:

    Here is additional information what the required Medical Certificate needed for the student to obtain in order to start training:

    • PPL – 2 class

    • NR – 2 class

    • IR – 1 class

    • CPL – 1 class

    • MEP – 1 class for the IFR part, 2 class for the VFR part

    • FI/IRI – 1 class

    • 0-ATPL – 1 class

    • ATPL theory – 2 class

    You have to schedule yourself for the medical, but we will be happy to help you if assistance is needed.


    Our course flow and hours are designed for the average student’s progression. If additional flying hours are required due to student performance, both the student and Airtraining Group will agree on a specific cost which is then included in an “Additional Training Agreement” format called an ATA.


    Yes, we have installment plans for the entire program depending on the chosen course.

    For exact price list information and payment plan, please contact  AirTraining Group has a comfortable pay-as-you-go approach, allowing every trainee to take a training pace that perfectly fits his/her financial abilities.

    We accept credit/debit cards, cash, or bank transfers.

  • We do not provide directly any financial support at the moment. If you have already applied for some funding program and need supportive documentation from AirTraining Group (confirmation of interest or official training course description with fees), we will be happy to assist you. Just send the email to, and we will get in touch with you within one business day to help with this query.

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Happy Students

What they're saying

I was a little nervous about starting flight training, but the instructors at this flight school quickly put me at ease. They were friendly, approachable, and always willing to answer any questions I had. The curriculum was well-organized and easy to follow, and I appreciated the flexibility they offered in scheduling my lessons. Plus, the views from the cockpit were absolutely breathtaking! I would highly recommend this flight school to anyone looking to pursue a career in aviation.

Arjun Gupta

Air Training helped me realize my dream while allowing me to train at a convenient schedule and pace. If I wasn't able to communicate with the instructor in person, I could always ask questions over the phone or through Skype. It's also very convenient to plan my practical training sessions through Google Calendar. I'm very happy with the high level of professionalism of the instructors, both in theory and in practice. The school has a friendly atmosphere and positive-minded people, which is always conducive to learning.

The location of the school is also very convenient for me, as it's situated right in the Spilve Airport, which is just a 10-minute drive from the Riga International Airport.

Dmitry Volodin

I had an amazing experience at this flight school. The instructors were knowledgeable, patient, and supportive throughout my training. They took the time to explain every concept in detail and made sure I was comfortable before moving on to the next step. The training aircraft were top-notch, and the facilities were excellent. The curriculum was well-organized, and the instructors were always willing to go above and beyond to ensure my success. I would highly recommend this flight school to anyone who wants to become a pilot.

Robert Ergashev

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