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Admission process for foreign students.

    1. We test you for compliance and capability to learn a comprehensive aviation syllabus.

    2. You need to obtain a class 1 or a class 2 medical certificate (Depending on whether you apply for a private or commercial pilot license).

    3. We sign the ATO Airtraining contract, you pay the contract sum for training, and you are ready to start training to become a pilot.

    1. Before we sign the main training contract, we prepare a preliminary admission agreement, and you shall pay the admission fee of 2000 EUR (Two thousand euros).

    2. After we receive payment, we will sign the ATO Airtraining contract that you can submit to the Latvia embassy to get a student VISA.   

    3. The admission fee will be deducted from the total contract sum.

    4. After you obtain a VISA, see the description above - If you already have a VISA for entry to Europe.


  1. We are obliged to notify immigration authorities:

  1. In case a foreign student terminates the contract with ATO.

  2. In case ATO loses total contact with the foreign student for over two weeks.

  3. In case  ATO doesn’t receive contract payment during a defined period.

  4. In the case of ATO, for any reasonable cause terminates the contract with the student.

​Become a Professional Pilot in Europe

Become a Professional Pilot
in Europe

If you are from a non-European country, we welcome you to obtain an EASA pilot license, which will enable you to fly aircraft with European registration or work as a pilot within the territory of the EU.

Flight training for International students

1. EASA flight License

You'll get a European flight license, which is recognized worldwide.

2. Lower living costs

On average, prices for accommodation, meals, and other costs in Latvia are lower by 30% than in other EU countries.

3. Convenient location

Riga international airport is connected via direct flights to the major European cities.

4. Visa support for students

We provide visa support to our students to improve the timing of obtaining a Schengen visa.

Why AirTraining flight school in Riga is your best choice!

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