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How much does it cost to obtain Night rating (NR)

Night rating program

of the Night rating course

Night Rating – EASA NR(A) allows you to fly during nighttime in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) and extends the privileges of PPL(A) to flying after sunset under VFR.

Ground Training

The theoretical preparation consists of 5 hours with an instructor.
The course consists of interactive lessons with maximum usage of modern study materials and equipment via our eLearning System.

Flight Training

The flight training is performed on a single engine piston (SEP) aircraft according to visual flight rules (VFR) at night. The training consists of at least 5 hours.


  • Basic instrument techniques discussed with Flight Instructor


4 hours of dual flights

Local night flights with an instructor reviewing basic maneuvers, emergencies, take-off, and landing procedures.


    The Pilot Must be PPL Holder


    It is required to possess a valid at least Class 2 Medical Certificate.

    • Have an English proficiency certificate of at least ICAO Level 4 or higher according to PART-FCL.055(d)(e).


Flight training - 1100 euros

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