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Our mission

Our Mission is to provide top-quality and friendly aviation training to aspiring pilots, regardless of their previous experience in aviation, to make them professional pilots. 

EASA Approved



At AirTraining Group, we are more than just a flight school approved by EASA - we are a community of passionate individuals dedicated to creating a safe and encouraging space for our instructors and students alike. Our top priority is ensuring that you can pursue your dream of flying with confidence and a positive attitude. Let us help you take to the skies and discover the joy of aviation!


Modular Trainings

With modular training, you have the flexibility to learn each program separately, providing you with the freedom to manage your own schedule. Moreover, modular training allows you to distribute your training and its expenses over time.


This approach enables you to balance your flight training with other commitments, such as work, and to build up your flight hours at your own pace.


So, modular training not only offers you a more individualized and tailored learning experience but also provides you with the opportunity to make your aviation dreams a reality on your own terms.

Professional Flight Instructors

At our flight school, we are proud to have highly experienced instructors who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals as a pilot. With their wealth of knowledge and expertise, they will guide you every step of the way on your aviation journey.


As aviation specialists, we have trained hundreds of pilots in the past 17 years, which are presently flying in several airlines around Europe and Asia. 

Most of our students fly as airline Captains.

Why Us?

AirTraining Group In Numbers

Founded in


Since our establishment, we have successfully trained hundreds of aspiring student pilots, including those seeking a private license for recreational flying with family and friends and aspiring commercial pilots who now work for industry-leading airlines.



We have helped hundreds of individuals fulfill their dreams of becoming a pilot.

Average Theoretical Exam pass rate


Student exam evaluation - This is one of the KPI outputs we are very proud of.  

Flight instructor performance:


The average student pass rate achieved by flight instructors at the flight school.

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