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How much does it cost to obtain an MEP rating

of the MEP course

The Multi-Engine Piston – MEP is a step forward to your aviation dream. 

Attaining the EASA Multi-Engine Piston – MEP (A) rating extends privileges of EASA Private Pilot License – PPL (A) and Commercial Pilot License – CPL (A), which allows you to fly aircraft with more than one engine.

Once MEP(A) training is completed, the qualification will be added to your EASA Private Pilot License – PPL(A) or EASA Commercial Pilot License – CPL(A).

The Multi Engine Piston rating is valid for 12 months and is renewed with a flight test with a Flight Examiner.

Ground Training

 You will learn the procedures and maneuvers that apply in a multi-engine airplane during normal and engine-out operations under VFR and IFR.

Flight Training

The flight training for a holder of IR(A) takes 11 hours (6 hours VFR and 5 IFR) of dual flight instruction.
The training is divided into 3 stages. 


You will need to prove your ability to:

  • operate the airplane within its limitations,

  • complete course-specific maneuvers as smoothly and as accurately as possible,

  • exercise good judgment and airmanship,

  • apply aeronautical knowledge,

  • maintain control of the airplane at all times.

The practical exam is performed under the supervision of a CAA-authorized examiner. 


Exams in

Civil Aviation Agency (CAA)


One of the main takeaways of the training is to understand the differences between a single-engine piston and a multi-engine piston aircraft.
Theoretical preparation takes 15 hours with an instructor, during which you will become familiar with the multi-engine piston airplane, systems, and aerodynamics.

Multi engine rating program

    The applicant must hold an EASA Pilot License – PPL(A)  issued by Part-FCL and a minimum of 70 hours of flight experience as a Pilot-in-Command (PIC). 


    Hold a valid Class 2 medical certificate issued in accordance with Part-MED.


    • Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of Mathematics and Physics

    • You need to be proficient in the English language ICAO English Language Proficiency minimum level 4 and pass the IFR English (FCL 055d).


The course price starts from 7000 EUR


You will become familiar with the multi-engine airplane used in the training course and with the human factors concepts and issues relating to multi-engine operations. Additionally, through the introduction and review of multi-engine maneuvers and procedures, you will learn to fly the multi-engine airplane under day VFR conditions during normal two-engine operations. The minimum requirement according to Part FCL (flight crew licensing) is 2.5 hours during normal operation of an aircraft (with both engines).

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