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How much does it cost to obtain an CPL (IR)

of the CPL course

The EASA Commercial Pilot License is a qualification that permits the holder to act as the pilot of an aircraft for remuneration and act as co-pilot (First Officer) in commercial air transportation.

Commercial Pilot License training is usually one of the last steps in becoming a professional pilot.

Ground Training

The theoretical training is provided in the form of Bristol CBT.

You will familiarize yourself with the primary commercial operations and maneuvers, gain further knowledge required for obtaining a CPL (A) and become familiar with handling a complex airplane.

Flight Training

Flight training is performed on a single-engine piston (SEP) aircraft C-172S according to visual flight rules (VFR).
At the end of the flight training, you will have at least 45 hours total time to apply to CAA for the Skill test. 


Upon completion of the course, it is required to display a satisfactory level of theoretical knowledge, evaluated through  14 written tests covering various subjects. To pass a theoretical examination, a minimum score of 75% is necessary for each subject. The theoretical examinations are held at the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) Republic of Latvia.

 We recommend for the CAA examination after successfully completing at least 3 subjects.  


Exams in

Civil Aviation Agency (CAA)


CPL/ ATPL (frozen) course. An ATPL syllabus consists of 14 subjects.

Module 1

  • Mass and Balance (MBL)

  • Instrumentation (INS)

  • Flight Planning and Monitoring (FPL)

  • General Navigation (NAV)

  • Meteorology (MET)

  • Human Performance (HP)

  • Communications (COM)

  • Knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA)

Module 2

  • Principles of Flight (POF)

  • Airframes, Systems, Power Plant (AGK)

  • Performance (PERF)

  • Operational Procedures (OPS)

  • Radio Navigation (RNAV)

  • AirLaw (LAW)

Commercial pilot program

    The applicant must hold an EASA Pilot License – PPL(A) with Night Rating issued by Part-FCL and a minimum of 50 hours of cross-country flight time as Pilot-in-Command (PIC). 


    17.5 years of age & above


    Hold a Class 1 medical certificate issued in accordance with Part-MED, or have a Class 2 medical certificate with an audio extension.


    • Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of Mathematics and Physics

    • You need to be proficient in the English language ICAO English Language Proficiency minimum level 4 and pass the IFR English (FCL 055d).


Flight training - 3950 euros

( 10 hours x 220 EUR) on Cessna-172S

(  5 hours x 350 EUR) on Cessna-182 


15 flight hours Dual, out of which 5 hours are on complex aircraft.

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